Exclusive Interpretation to 2015 New Trend of Kitchen at the Site of Arda Cologne Exhibition

Living Kitchen Exhibition was splendidly presented from January 19 to January 25, 2015. As the only kitchen appliance brand in the Asian-Pacific region to be invited to the exhibition which comes from China and is rooted in the world, Arda, together with various global brands in Kitchen Industry, gathered in Cologne, Germany to witness the different charming of this kitchen event and exclusively interpreted the cutting-edge brands emerging at the beginning of the year.


Each session of the Living Kitchen Exhibition affects the development of the world kitchen industry. This event has the strongest commercial atmosphere, top kitchen products and the most avant-garde kitchen design, and has attracted well-known brands around the world which bring their innovative ideas and inventive achievements to the exhibition. Thousands of visitors with their demands look for the decoration inspiration in the exhibition site and communicate with the brands face to face.


Hong Wei, Arda’s Design Director, said: “Arda is always concerned about the latest trends in the kitchen development. And Arda is keen to timely share the latest international development with everyone in addition to showing the latest design results of Arda in this exhibition.” He revealed, “the three major trends emerging in this exhibition include: close combination of kitchen appliances and cupboard; more intelligent and humanized design of kitchen appliances; and a light luxury and minimalistic style of the kitchen.”


Arda, as the whole kitchen solution provider, witnessed from the perspective of spatial layout that rational planning of the open kitchen space in this exhibition remained the focus. The combination of kitchen and living space, and integration trend of the cupboard and kitchen appliances are remarkable. Built-in kitchen appliances, tools and accessories continuously challenge how to use the smallest space to bring out the maximum efficiency.


From the angle of product design, this exhibition is more focused on the interaction between people and technology. Consumers take the kitchen comfort as the first demand. And many brands have demonstrated the cutting-edge creativity in terms of intelligent control of products.


Looking from the style, kitchen designs are quietly added with more noble elements and light extravagant temperament while continuing the minimalistic style of last year. Golden Series product mix becomes the new darling of the trend. And consumers are more favored in creating a low-profiled refinement with real, delicate and natural materials.


Hong Wei, also said: “Living Kitchen Exhibition, as a famous international platform in the field of kitchen, fully fits with the international brand image of Arda. Arda’s being invited to this exhibition also reflects the recognition and affirmation of organizers on the technological innovation and inventive quality of Arda. We will continue to absorb the brand new trends emerging in the exhibition, and integrate them into the DNA of Arda’s development, so as to present more high-end, fashionable and fine kitchen appliances to the customers.”


In this Exhibition, Arda presented a variety of typical collections including “Shang”, “Rui” and “Yi” collections; the intelligent interaction and design are at the leading level in the world. Moreover, the appearance of limited edition premium-car collection “Arda by Giugiaro” has also attracted many eyes from around the world. Its high-end avant-garde appearance, as well as accurate and convenient operation experience shows the art of cooking vividly. Joining the Living Kitchen Expo is the first step of Arda; but also a big step of Arda to the world.