Arda Lifting Hood Won the Excellence Prize of China Red Star Design Award

2014 China Red Star Design Award was held in Beijing on 12th of December. Arda Lifting Hood stood out from more than 6000 entries of over 1500 global enterprises, and won China highest industrial design award -- Red Star Design Award.   

During the nine years after the establishment of China Red Star Design Award, 36522 products of 4322 enterprises in 29 countries have actively participated. The award is of great influence and is regarded as the Oscar of China design industrial. 2014 Red Star Design Award advocated Design for the People, while Arda kitchen appliance, with its brand concept of Homemade Happiness and Living Emotion, perfectly demonstrated the theme of 2014 Red Star Design Award.

Arda Lifting Hood is easy in operation and has strong sense of security and intelligence. The main body of the range hood hides under the counter. By lightly touching the control panel, the exhaust outlet of the range hood will elevate automatically, and the height can be adjusted at your will. When going up and down, the hood can intelligently sense the surrounding so as to avoid any accident such as bump or extrusion. What’s more, the range hood has the 300MM perfect exhaust control area. This ensures the exhaust can be completely absorbed before spreading. Meanwhile, the automatically-started negative-ion generator can rapidly clean inside remnant exhaust and peculiar smell in order to bring the user with extremely comfortable cooking joy.

At the award ceremony, domestic and overseas design rising stars, leading institution principals, highly-recognized elites from the media and industry association gathered to jointly celebrate the great event of China design industry, so as to present their best wishes and respect to the best designs and their creators.