Arda’s slogan is “Living emotion” - Arda and the brand provide outstanding kitchen appliances to let families around the world best enjoy life’s emotions when preparing and sharing a meal with the loved ones.

In modern’s society, home cooking is becoming less frequent. Eating out of home is becoming the new normal. Home delivery is more popular than ever. And microwave is replacing cooking.

Arda Brand’s focus is to inspire modern families to re-discover the joy of homemade cooking: we promote Homemade Happiness.

Homemade Happiness is a call to modern families to turn on the oven and rediscover the joy of homemade cooking. It’s about how the simple act of preparing food at home can be a great source of pride and gratitude for the one who cooks. And a powerful uniting experience for families that spreads happiness as well as creates long lasting memories.

Arda brand does not simply provide outstanding kitchen appliances, but also actively supports and promotes the culture of cooking at home.