Arda Kitchen Appliances Has A Big Heart for Women’s Health Care

From March 6, 2015, Arda Kitchen Appliances joined with China Breast Cancer Foundation to reveal the curtain of 2015 Annual Series of Charity and Public Benefit Activities on Women. “Charitable Project of Designated Aid in Shanghai Hospitals” is inaugurated by both parties. And a series of Preventing Breast Cancer sharing also had its first “kick off” in Arda Shanghai flagship store. Female friends can join in the flagship store, to listen to the sincere sharing of professional lecturer, taste the dainty tea and snacks, and donate money on the spot to give their own love to their peers suffering from illness.


“The care for women Arda Kitchen Appliances showed have been well presented through its brand name: “An” means that only family with women is stable, “De” means that showing cares to women is a virtue.” said by Secretary General of China Breast Cancer Foundation. As a warm brand with society and all families in its heart, Arda hopes that more and more people will participate in caring for women and gather love strength for society through 2015 Annual Series of Charity and Public Benefit Activities on Women.


For a long time, Arda Kithcen Appliances regards cares for women health as the important component of its social responsibility all the time, it specially sets up Pink Ribbon Aid Project for Poor Breast Cancer Patients, to give love to women suffering from breast cancer. In 2014, Arda cooperates with China Breast Cancer Foundation and donates 0.1 million RMB as the initial capital for “Cherishing” special fund, and calls on the whole society to pay attention to female health.

The principal of China Breast Cancer Foundation said, “we are very delighted to see that more and more responsible enterprises are applying themselves to the development of Chinese breast cancer prevention and control. The long-term cooperative relationship established between China Breast Cancer Foundation and Arda Kitchen Appliances is a cohesion of social love, and it makes patients sense understanding, care and support from society.”


Arda Kitchen Appliances always believe that, the success of a brand is in the proportion to its care for people and environment. The cooperation with China Breast Cancer Foundation to carry out 2015 Annual Series of Charity and Public Benefit Activities on Women, is an important step for Arda brand on the road of performing its social responsibility. In the new year, Arda looks forward to gathering more social strength to pour a warmth for keeping each family away from sickness and enjoying a happy life.