Arda believes that real product design innovation can be best achieved through cross-field design cooperation with creative talents and designers who do not necessarily belong to the kitchen appliance industry.

Often designers who belong to the kitchen appliance industry tend to follow the so called “industry rules / common practices”, so it is difficult to achieve truly innovative design ideas.

It is precisely for this reason that Arda constantly researches and sources cross-field product design cooperation with some of the world’s most renown designers and creative talents from Italy, Switzerland, UK, US, France etc, who work closely in cooperation with Arda’s own product design team.

As a result of its innovative design philosophy, in 2014 Arda has been awarded with the prestigious international design iF awards for the A3 oven and for the 4 products (oven, steam oven, microwave oven and coffee machine) that compose the 45cm collection, as well as the prestigious red star design award for the lifting hood.


With regards to product technology innovation, Arda constantly researches and sources the most innovative and advanced technologies from R&D centers located anywhere in the world where it is possible to find the best available, without any geographical limitation or boundary. For example Arda regularly sources the most advanced and innovative technical features and product functionalities from Germany (E.G.O), Italy (Defendi, Sabaf), South Korea etc.

As a result of its technological innovation spirit, in 2014 Arda has proudly been awarded as best innovative kitchen appliance brand by Elle Decoration China magazine.