Arda “S” Series Cooktop Won “iF Design Award” of the Year 2015

Arda “S” Series Cooktop, with the main design element of “bevel”, stood out from thousands of competitors and won the “iF Design Award” of the Year 2015. It continued the glory of many Arda award-winning star products, and once again proved that Arda kitchen appliances have been up to the excellent internationalized design level and quality, while being maximumly recognized within the scope of design and business.


“iF Design Award”, as one of the most famous world industrial design awards, was founded in 1953. For more than 60 years, it has been recognized as one of the most famous international design awards, and is also addressed by media as “the oscar in the design world”. It does not only focus on design and aesthetics of the product, but also on many factors such as performance, environmental protection, and brand value, etc.


The “S” series was designed by Arda’s chief designer, Siver, and his team. The reason why Siver appreciates this product so much is that the “S” series, with the main design element of “bevel”, increases the visual impact while enhancing user experience. This cooktop adopts the whole piece of pure black glass ceramics as its surface. Also, this cooktop has five burners which can satisfy more cooking needs. Considering of ergonomia, the knob control panel of the inclined plane is more ergonomic, the knob increasing the sense of holding while being more convenient for operation. Moreover, the integrated aluminum section also help this cooktop to bring outstanding cooking experience. Apart from cooktop, the “S” series also has excellent range hood and oven.


The integrated kitchen of Arda kitchen appliances keeps pace with the times, adds more practicability and convenient operation while paying attention to product design. Arda pays much more attention to the experience and ultimate enjoyment of using product. That is why Arda keeps sparing no efforts on the research and development of its products. Just as Arda’s brand image of "homemade happiness", the orientation for "home" and "people" is the real heritage of Arda.