High-end kitchen appliance brand Arda completing layout in Central China

In the first half of 2013, the high-end kitchen appliance became the main engine to drive the rapid growth of the kitchen appliance industry. Along with the intensifying competition among the high-end kitchen appliance brands, the major brands accelerate the speed of marketing in China. The East China, Central China, and South China become the places of strategic importance to several major high-end kitchen appliance brands.   

Facing with such challenges and opportunities, Arda consolidates step by step, and expands the Chinese market. In the first half of 2013, the first boutique experience store set up by Arda in Central China was opened officially. In this prominent flagship store covering an area of 200 square meters and located in the downtown of Wuhan, Arda designed a unique special area for product experience, in which the customers can not only understand the functions and characteristics of the products from Arda through the professional introduction by the brand consultant, but also experience the excellent performance of the products from Arda and the comfortable and considerate art of living as close as possible. 

It is significant to Arda strategic deployment in Chinese market. After the completion of the layout in Central China, Arda will attach the importance to the exploitation in Chinese market, and the priority will be given to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Fujian in the layout in South China. Arda has achieved the double-digit growth of sales in Chinese market for 2 consecutive years, and Chinese market will become the most important market to Arda in the world. With regard to the magic performance of sales achieved in Chinese market, Mr. Jiang Yong, vice general manager of Arda in Chinese Mainland, told the truth that the excelsior experimental marketing and the adherence to the high-end strategy were the magic weapon of Arda to succeed.