Arda annual gala dinner of “Artists and Artisan” night

On May 27, 2014, as a high-end kitchen appliance brand with the exquisite kitchen appliance manufacturing skills accumulated in more than 30 years, Arda held the annual gala dinner and new product launch event themed on “Artists and Artisan” at Shanghai Film Museum. Together with arts, delicious foods, designers and personages of all circles, we witnessed this historical moment for Arda! 

During the gala dinner, the Arda brand and Marketing direcrot Sante Schirolis shared with us Arda’s new brand strategy and the concept of homemade happiness. Arda will make great efforts to grow into an iconic brand, and to make the appeal to the consumers to return back to the life, and show the care and love to the family!

The splendid ceremony of inauguration was held for the debut of the premium limited edition “Arda by Guigiaro” series in China. Arda firmly believes in the blending of various design energies, so it is possible to produce the actually innovative and incomparable works, and to inspire the emotion continuously