Arda has been selected as the preferred kitchen appliance brand by numerous high-end residential and commercial projects both in China and overseas thanks to the unique combination of bespoke products and professional service offered.
Arda’s advanced R&D and manufacturing capabilities allow customization of kitchen appliances’ configuration and design elements according to each project’s individual

positioning and requirements.
At the same time the distinctive and elegant European design of Arda’s kitchen appliances provides to residential and commercial projects a clear element of distinguishment from the others, thus making a project truly stand out in the market and providing greater value and appreciation.



Project address:
No.88 Nanzhou Road, Guangzhou

Guangdong Pearl River Investment Co., Ltd.
Roman Garden Project

Covering an area of 0.21 million ㎡ and with a construction area of 0.6 million ㎡, this project will be developed by three phases and constructed into small high-rise ranging from 13 to 18 floors, which will be equipped with large clubs as well as a commercial plaza of 40,000 ㎡ in area. The house layout is mainly about 130 ㎡ featuring 3-bedroom, 2-hall, a walk-in closet, and a North-South convective double suite with good ventilation. For medium-and high-end customers, there is 1-staircase 2-household hanging garden house layout.


Zhujiang Roma Garden Project mainly focuses on 4 elements: 1-staircase 2-household, North-South convection, double gardens, and full range of supporting facilities. The New Phase Kaiyiting: all house layouts are 1-staircase 2-household, unusual, cozy and deluxe with jumping layer of hanging gardens and of about 130 ㎡ in area. 


Zhujiang Roma Garden is revolutionary in design, and it will become the residential center of urban development in the future. This scientific design of 3-bedroom with jumping layer not only brings more reasonable, convenient, and practical units but also greatly beautifies layout, i.e., it not only makes your daily routines more convenient, but also brings poetic atmosphere. The unit directly faces gardens, and has good North-South lights and ventilations, so it can bring perfect view of landscapes. 


In order to meet the high-end residential positioning of Roma Garden, Arda Kitchen Appliances has customized kitchen appliances – 5-piece set (hood, cooker, sterilizer, microwave oven, fridge) for a total of 289 sets.