Arda has been selected as the preferred kitchen appliance brand by numerous high-end residential and commercial projects both in China and overseas thanks to the unique combination of bespoke products and professional service offered.
Arda’s advanced R&D and manufacturing capabilities allow customization of kitchen appliances’ configuration and design elements according to each project’s individual

positioning and requirements.
At the same time the distinctive and elegant European design of Arda’s kitchen appliances provides to residential and commercial projects a clear element of distinguishment from the others, thus making a project truly stand out in the market and providing greater value and appreciation.



Project address:
Chiling Senic Zone, Clearwater Bay, Lingshui County, Hainan Province

Lingshui Daxiti Agricultural and Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
Diamond Beach Project

The Diamond Beach lies in a quite rare peninsula resort with full seascapes and slopes on south most of Clearwater Bay in Hainan. It covers an area of 523mu (1 mu=666.67 ㎡) with a construction area of about 0.13 million ㎡ and a low volume rate of 0.38. With a private beach embraced by hills on three sides, frontline seascape seashell villas, and an international community with elites, it is adjacent to Clearwater Bay Golf Course, commercial area, and five-star hotels, and only 15km away from Sanya, so the traffic is very convenient.


It has a unique landform - facing south, embracing sea and hills, stretching from east and west to two peninsulas which embracing a crescent complete bay. The unique landform enables the community to be surrounded by hills on three sides, creating a totally natural privacy, which makes it an unusual land of treasure in China. Lots of elites live here, including Olympic champions, industrial leaders, network heroes, financial experts, artists and stars.


Its open seashell villas with tropical style and harbor apartments are designed by master of design “Peter Three Musketeers” by integration of unique mountain and sea materials with architectural art. Each building has unique landscapes and overall elevation effects, so they are very collectable.


In order to match the noble and leisure life advocated by Diamond Beach, after careful selection, Arda Kitchen Appliances provides its apartments and villas with 10-piece set of kitchen appliances including hood, cooker, sterilizer, microwave stove, oven, wine cooler, induction cooker, ceramic cooktop, dishwasher, side-by-side fridge. Their cooperation guides the new pattern of modern kitchens, and also perfectly interprets the core idea of complete kitchen solutions.